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May 26, 2023

Make your own Wall Street Journal-style 'hedcut' stipple portrait


The only requirement is that you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.

If you do, you're money: go here and follow the instructions.*

Up top, me a lĂ  WSJ, based on this edited photo:




my image derived from the original unedited photo below.


Back story here.

*Below, what's on the "go here" link above that's inaccessible to non-subscribers

Screenshot 2023-04-16 at 10.56.37 AM

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'World's Most Dangerous Roads: Deadliest Journeys in Afghanistan' (2016)

Pinned comment by the video's maker:

"I'll give you a goat and a sheep.You give me 10 kg flour."

Marco Polo took the Wakhan corridor in the 13th century.

Except for the two truck drivers who make regular trips in and out of this corridor, I don't think much has changed since the 13th century and bartering is still the way to shop.

The Wakhan Passage/Corridor is a passage to a place where time has stood still.

I think you can only understand what that means riding on the back of a yak or donkey surrounded by 5000-meter-high mountains.

No Taliban, no U.S. soldiers, no Russian soldiers ever made it here.

Thank God.

The women are free to speak their minds, young girls can learn.

There's no electricity but it's more modern than many other places in the world.

"Even though it's cold, I am still happy because I'm with my parents."

A young girl on the back of a yak, wrapped in a crimson scarf, blindingly colorful against the stark white snow covering the mountains, clinging to her mother as they make their way to Sarhadd, at the end of the the Wakhan passage.

"If they owe me something, they will always pay me back.Even if it's in ten years.These are good honorable people."

The most dangerous roads.

The most beautiful places. Enjoy!

Have a lovely day. Have a coffee.Turn off the faucet when you wash your hands.It saves water and you'll remember the people who have to get water from a well.

Heck, some don't even have a well.

Be gentle with what you've got.

The top comments are quite interesting.

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Shin-Friendly Bike Pedals


What took so long?

From Core77:

Longtime Bicycle Commuter Invents Shin-Friendly Bike Pedals With Foam Surrounds

Bumper Pedals have been successfully crowdfunded

Most bike pedals are textured to grip the underside of shoes. That makes it unpleasant when a pedal accidentally slams into your shins.


Physicist and inventor Bill Lee, who has been commuting by bike for over 30 years, grew tired of having banged-up shins; in his thinking, there's no reason for pedals to be "built for a downhill racing mountain biker in the mud when you're just trying to get to work and back." Lee thus invented these Bumper Pedals:


Rather than protrusions or serrations, Bumper Pedals rely on industrial grip tape for purchase.


The pedals are rimmed with a durable foam, making them friendly to both shins and door trim.


Lee formed a company, Intrinsic Cycles, to commercialize his invention.


Bumper Pedals are currently up on IndieGogo, where they've been successfully crowdfunded. $35 gets you a pair, and you can specify 9/16" or 1/2". They ship next month.

On the fence?


the video.

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