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May 27, 2023

World's oldest masks


The 9,000-year-old stone masks above and below are thought to have been made to resemble the spirits of dead ancestors.


They were used in religious-social ceremonies such as ancestor cults, and in magical rites related to healing and divination.

Each mask has a distinct "personality," owing to its details and design.


Experts say they were made in the hills and deserts around Jerusalem and offer a glimpse into some of civilization's earliest communal rituals.


They are thought to have been made at a critical turning point that saw the birth of agriculture and the abandonment of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle.


They were created in the pre-pottery Neolithic period by people whose ancestors became the first farmers, the first people who lived in villages in large groups, and the creators of civilization.

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'You Can Leave Your Hat On' — Randy Newman

His 1972 hit, performed live above by him, is the best song ever about hats.

It's not even close.

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Lucarne Mirror


From the website:

At a time when sedentary screens are disappearing from the home and people are glorifying themselves via social networks, the Lucarne Mirror opens an additional window on your interior and on yourself.

Never black, its screen comes to life naturally by reflecting your every gesture and movement.

With its panoramic format it can be installed on a table, a shelf or a desk.

Minimalist, it asserts its design in discreet but ultra-drawn curves dear to the design of industrial designer Ionna Vautrin.

At ease in the home, it will also find its place in the offices of opticians, jewellers and beauty salons.


Features and Details:

White, Khaki Green, or Black

30 cm L x 22 cm H x 7 cm D

Made in Italy




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