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May 22, 2023

Wicker Chair — Marc Newson


From the website:

The "Wicker" chair is shaped to accommodate the human body.

It is made of wicker and aluminum, two materials dear to Newson.


The chair rests on one central aluminum leg, which makes it appear to float.


Features and Details:

29.92"H x 26.37"L x 35.82"D

Woven rattan wicker body

Varnished aluminum base



May 22, 2023 at 08:22 AM | Permalink


Shaped to accommodate WHOSE human body? The designer must work part-time on grunt-class airline seats, the ones that few modern American butts can be wedged into without a greased spatula.
Chair, or butt - which is the problem? You be the judge. As long as the answer is chair.

Butt I digress. 😬

Posted by: Flautist | May 22, 2023 2:17:19 PM

That is indeed beautiful, but I prefer
this http://www.antiques.com/vendor_item_images/ori_7676_928546995_1146086_WP_20140613_001.jpg


or this

A chair I can fall asleep in without fear of falling off.

Posted by: antares | May 22, 2023 10:29:07 AM

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