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May 24, 2023

Robust Roast Salted-in-the-Shell Peanuts from CB's Nuts


From the website:

Our Process

We start with the biggest and freshest peanuts grown in the U.S.

Then, using our unique process that took us years to develop, we infuse sea salt and water directly through the shell of the peanut.

After drying, we're ready to roast.

As our restored antique barrel roasters turn, our roastmaster carefully monitors each small batch to create the perfect peanut.

Our old-school slow roasting process allows more flavor to develop, something you just don't find with big-box brand products.

In the end, we've created the world's best roasted peanut.

A bold statement, but we believe it and think you will, too.

I sure do.

These are my favorite movie and TV watching snack.

Super fresh, crunchy and tasty, I never get tired of them and have some pretty much every night.

That they're in the shell slows me down so I can enjoy them more, paying attention to the shell fragments and all.

They're the legume equivalent of dark roast coffee: CB's roasts them longer than their standard roast such that they're noticeably darker and have a more intense, "peanutty" flavor.

A 12 oz. bag costs $5 but they're usually sold out of individual bags of Robust Roast. 

Also, shipping is super expensive.

I stumbled on a nice solution last time I went to order when they were indeed sold out of individual bags: I ordered in bulk, 12 pounds, and though the shipping cost about the same as the peanuts, the total cost was still about the price of 16 12-ounce bags before shipping.

My Crack Calculating Team©® did the math: 16 12-oz bags [12 lbs] @$5/bag = $80.

Shipping for those 16 bags = $$76.68

Total price for 16 bags [12 lbs] = $156.68

1 12-lb bag = $36

Shipping for the 12-lb bag = $38.42

Total price for 12 lbs: $74.42

One more thing: if you're gonna go with the 12-lb bulk purchase (you get two 6-lb plastic bags secured with twist ties as opposed to fancy foil-layered sealed individual bags), you're going to want to have somewhere to store the peanuts after you remove a week or so's portion.

I recommend an Igloo picnic cooler with a robust circumferential rubber seal and clamps.

Lagniappe: keep the cooler in the basement or somewhere that's relatively cool.

Blast from the past: I featured these world-class nuts here back in 2019.

Wait a sec — what's that song I'm hearing?

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Still my favorites:


Posted by: Paul Tempke | May 24, 2023 10:56:47 AM

Joe, I wouldn't recommend bulk buying Pistachio nuts: https://gizmodo.com/when-pistachio-nuts-explode-5733837

Posted by: Andrew Dunn | May 24, 2023 10:00:31 AM

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