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September 18, 2023

Helpful Hints from joeeze: Hidden aluminum foil box feature keeps roll in place


"You've probably been ignoring this feature: Most aluminum foil boxes have press-in tabs on the ends that secure the roll in place, so you don't have to worry about it flying out every time you rip off a sheet. Saran Wrap too."

Who knew?

Not me until reader Joe Peach sent me this nifty tip.


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Where in the U.S.A. is this?

Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 1.39.49 PM

A daily game from The Pudding.

Fair warning: there goes the day.

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bookofjoe's Favorite Thing: All-in-One Wrist Rest/Mouse Pad


Since forever I've been mildly annoyed by always having to reposition my wrist rest against my mouse pad, sometimes finding the mouse pad on the floor after my cat has repositioned it.

Not any more.


I happened on this nifty accessory while looking for a replacement for my old wrist rest, which was starting to lose its innards via a couple of needle-sharp claw-induced lacerations on the padded surface.

You can too!



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