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September 19, 2023

Massive filament eruption on the Sun

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a huge filament eruption in multiple wavelengths last Saturday, September 16, 2023.

The eruption created a coronal mass ejection that "should hit Earth's magnetic field today," according to Spaceweather.

More here.

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RamenHaus — Home of Rotating Ramen

From the website:


Welcome to RamenHaus, home of rotating ramen. So far, 54 bowls have been photographed, slurped and posted. This is the homepage. It displays a random entry each time it is called. Start your journey and click through all bowls. You can also begin at the LATEST ENTRY. Or show the INDEX.

To send ideas, collaborate or learn more, contact me at [email protected].

No cookies. No tips. No javascript. Just ramen.



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Genius Gloves

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 11.19.50 AM

Below, excerpts from Stephanie Rosenbloom's New York Times review.


What business traveler does not have a smartphone (or two) glued to his palm?

Pengallan's Genius Gloves were introduced in 2012 and are handmade in Italy of kid leather and lined with cashmere.

The thumb and index fingers on both hands flip back so that you can use a touch screen device.

Sure, there are iPhone and smart-touch gloves that allow you to operate your phone or tablet without taking them off.

But as Jason Tsou, the founder of Pengallan, likes to point out, his leather gloves can be used with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

And being able to wear leather gloves yet swiftly uncover a couple of fingertips also comes in handy for other things, be it adjusting a contact lens, applying makeup, or wiping a child's face.

From the website:


Features and Details:

Patented Genius Glove® technology — thumb and index finger flip back for use with smartphones and touch screens

100% cashmere-lined Italian kid leather

Single wrist vent for ease of movement

Traditional men's glove sizes

Handmade in Italy


Hunter Green Suede, Blue/Grey, or Black: $185.

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