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September 26, 2023

'Fear and Desire' (1952) — Stanley Kubrick's first film

I only learned of the existence of this movie — released when Kubrick was 24 — in last week's New York Times review by J. Hoberman.

Hoberman wrote:

Seen in retrospect, a first feature by a major filmmaker can be a revelation particularly if, as with Stanley Kubrick's low-budget war movie "Fear and Desire," it concerns a career-long preoccupation — and even more so if the filmmaker has attempted to suppress it.

An independent production which, although fictional, premiered in the documentary section of the 1952 Venice Film Festival, "Fear and Desire" is getting a weeklong run at Metrograph, 70 years after its release in the United States.

Kubrick characterized "Fear and Desire" as "a completely inept oddity, boring and pretentious." While undeniably pretentious, the movie is neither inept nor boring. Its oddity lies in its being both a prelude and footnote to Kubrick's remarkable career.

Turns out you don't have to live in or travel to New York City this week to see the film: it's on YouTube (top).

It costs $3.99 to rent.

Or you watch it here free — the way we like it.

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Museum of Lost Memories

Screenshot 2023-09-02 at 4.55.47 PM

This Instagram account seeks to reunite photos found in junk shops and flea markets with their subjects (or subjects' descendants).

Wrote Emma Beddington in the Guardian, "The hit rate is low, but if you click "Returned!" you can enjoy some really satisfying success stories.

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Coca-Cola Y3000 — 'Co-Created with AI'


The latest Sign of the Apocalypse.

From various Coke websites

The future is here: Limited Edition Coca-Cola Y3000 has arrived!

World, meet Coca-Cola Y3000!

Co-created with AI, this is your chance to taste the year 3000 today, showing you what a future full of positivity and optimism could look like.


Explore our Y3000 pack and discover the year 3000 right in front of your eyes.

In collaboration with Artificial Intelligence, you can create your own vision of the future in a snap.

You can too!

While it lasts, score Coca-Cola Y3000 here.

Reviewed here.

Limited-Edition Collection at the Coca-Cola Store.

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