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November 1, 2023

Lips of Babel

Wrote Alix Browne in the New York Times: "'Lips of Babel' [is] a series of mesmerizing close-up video portraits of models delivering tongue twisters in their native languages."

More: "The photographer Elle Muliarchyk grew up speaking half a dozen languages, from Czech to Vietnamese (her father was a diplomat and her mother was a journalist and a linguist), and during a brief career as a model she picked up some French and Italian."

"'Tongue twisters are something we all have from childhood,' Muliarchyk says, adding that they often say a lot about their culture of origin. One from Nigeria translates as 'Lady Seamstress, why are you so sad? Did a hen lay an egg on the dress you just made?' while another, from India, says, 'A husband slapped his wife for no apparent reason.'"

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I’m equally fascinated by the rainbow of glossy lip colors!

Posted by: tamra | Nov 1, 2023 11:05:12 PM

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