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December 8, 2023

Notel in Melbourne


From MyBestPlace:

We are in Australia , exactly on the roof of a building on Flinders Lane, the famous street in Melbourne's financial district . In this unusual place stands the Notel, an eccentric and original hotel designed with six very luxurious vintage Airstream caravans and breathtaking views over the roofs of the city's skyscrapers. For those who are not familiar with these spectacular and super comfortable chromed aluminum "caravans," it is worth pointing out that it is a luxury brand: Airstream trailers are not only icons of the American lifestyle of the last century, but true jewels equipped with every comfort.


To create the Notel's hotel rooms, each Airstream was completely gutted and redesigned by architect Edwards Moore in collaboration with FMSA Architecture. The artist Ash Keating, in addition to having colored the interior of the caravans, is also the creator of the painted wall of the building which forms the backdrop to the location.


Each caravan has a bedroom, a private bathroom with shower, and its own terrace overlooking the common area of ​​the hotel. All suites, complete with iPad, Netflix subscription and virtual city guide, also come with a mini-bar containing snacks and drinks, including a complimentary local craft beer. Only the Airstream With Benefit suite differs from the others: ,in addition to having a privileged position overlooking Flinders Lane, it is the only one to boast the presence of an open-air spa for exclusive use.


At the Notel there is no service staff, not even for check-in. To unlock the front door and access the room, simply activate a pre-established code via your smartphone. Furthermore, via the tablets provided by the hotel, a virtual guide will be able to show guests how to move within the facility and recommend the best places to eat, drink, and have fun.


Apply within.

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Cereal Sampler

Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 9.24.39 AM

Corn Chex, thread.

Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 9.24.40 AM

By Judith G. Klausner.

[Photographs by Steve Pomeroy.]

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Terra Cotta Watering Cone


From the website:

Replace the Watering Can

What is feasible in the vicinity should come from the vicinity.

We thought that was true more than 30 years ago and still adhere to it today.

What our irrigation cone made of terracotta has to do with it?

Well, we prefer to have it made in Europe than in Asia: at a potter in France.

A terracotta cone, which takes over the water supply for all the plants in the house and garden, which you do not want to leave — during a short vacation — without water supply.

The hand-formed and low-temperature-fired cone is worked at the upper end with a round receptacle for bottle screw cap of commercial size.


So you poke a few holes in one of these, screw it onto a suitable bottle filled with water and then press it into the recess in the cone.

The cone, together with the water bottle, is then inserted into the (previously moistened) soil — some of the water from the bottle steadily drips into the cone until the ceramic material is completely saturated and the moisture is released into the surrounding soil via the porous, water-permeable surface; until a balance is achieved.

The drier the soil, the more water runs down; the process always comes to a halt when the soil is sufficiently saturated with moisture.

The bottle on the cone can therefore be both a reservoir and a reliable indicator of when watering should be done after all.

Features and Details:

• Shape and dimensions of cone may vary

• Water bottle not included

• 16 cm H x 7.5 cm Ø

• Weight: 240 g



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