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December 6, 2023

Mad Max's Camper


From Core77:

From Australia, a Battery-Equipped Rugged Off-Road Trailer

Furiosa could've used one of these

Australian adventure trailer manufacturer Bruder calls their EXP-8 "the ultimate off-road, off-grid camper trailer, designed and built for all seasons and all environments."


The wheels have a crazy 12" of suspension travel, "and it traverses undulating and uneven terrain effortlessly."


"This means sublime ride quality, plus the ability to calibrate its height to suit different tow vehicles, and level out on virtually any sloping camp spot."

An air filtration system keeps the air inside the trailer clean when driving through dusty conditions.


The company reckons that the trailer can provide enough juice to power a four-person household: It's kitted out with solar panels,


a 20 KwH battery and a 5000W inverter.


"Intelligent, lightweight construction has been designed to meet the demands of extreme terrains and climatic conditions without compromising the internal living space.


The fully enclosed climate-controlled interior operates off-grid without the need for a generator or plugged-in power."


"The kitchen is positioned as a centrepiece of the entertaining area, with generous counter space and storage and comes fully equipped with a twin induction cooktop, comprehensive refrigeration and large storage capabilities.


Gallery windows allow a complete vista of the environment and open fully to connect the inside and the great outdoors."


$208,469 USD.

On the fence?


the video.

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