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February 18, 2024

First bike trick EVER (1899)

[via Open Culture]

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Helpful Hints from joeeze: How to tell if a knife is sharp or dull — without drawing blood


I read this in some food-centric magazine a long time ago but it seemed practical and easy to do and so I bring it to you for your scrutiny.

Hold the knife loosely by its handle between your thumb and forefinger, then draw it across a tomato such that the only force exerted on the tomato is that of the weight of the blade.

A sharp blade will cut the skin; a dull blade will indent but not break it it.

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Magnetic Ironing Mat


From the website:

Securing to top of clothes dryer with strong corner magnets, this quilted mat provides the perfect surface for quick ironing touch ups, heading off wrinkles when clothes iron best: fresh from the dryer.

Features and Details

Smooth-glide surface and four extra-strong sewn-in magnets

80% cotton/20% polyester surface; 100% polyester filling

32"L x 19"W

$22.98 (dryer and iron not included).

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