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February 26, 2024

Every Single Frame

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"Explore critically acclaimed movies frame by frame in random order to gain a new perspective on the art of cinematography."

Fair warning....

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Billon (Exploded Log)


A 2007 sculpture by Lausanne-based Vincent Kohler.

110 x 100 x 300 cm (43" x 39" x 118").


Polystyrene and resin.

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Kehai Clock

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From the website:

Embrace living in the moment and seeing time through an artistic lens with the Kehai clock collection.

Designed by Makoto Koizumi of Koizumi Studio for Japanese brand Lemnos in 2004 and now brought back into production, this minimalist analog wall clock series showcases a highly imaginative use of shape, color, and movement in a creative product design.

The name "kehai" represents a "slightly ambiguous sign of time" that aims to remove pressure and stress from daily living.

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Embodying a sense of calm, the Kehai wall clock features a translucent frosted glass front that blurs the hour and minute hands and the red dot that stands for the second hand.

The clock takes inspiration from the concepts of mindfulness and Zen, bringing together the idea of time and movement in a creative design.

Unlike an alarm clock, each wall clock symbolizes a sense of serenity.

Minimalist and distinctive at the same time, the timepieces have barely visible hands, no precise hour and minute markers, and a sweeping red dot second hand that moves smoothly in complete silence.

The Lemnos Kehai clock series is made in Japan from polypropylene, aluminum, and frosted glass, with three versions (Grey, Yellow, White; below) available.

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Features and Details:

Powered by one standard AA battery

Handcrafted in Toyama, Japan

Size: 5.11"Ø x 2.16"D

Weight: 0.65 lbs

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