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February 22, 2024

Inside Out Martini Glass


From websites:

Get the classic martini shape without the tall unstable glass.

Much easier to hold than a standard martini glass as this version requires no balancing act.

The design is visually interesting and provides function as well: it helps to keep your drink cooler for longer, and its shorter height makes for easier storage.

Hand made glass holds about 4.5 ounces + a couple olives.

Set of two: $60.

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It's an attractive glass, even ignoring the traditional martini shape.

Posted by: Luke | Feb 25, 2024 10:38:38 AM

$30/glass might be reasonable if the base is solid, though it looks hollow; on the down side, rim appears to be thick which makes the sip not as steep as a thin rim martini glass; also with a solid base, it might help keeping the drink colder.

Posted by: Penny Tanz | Feb 22, 2024 12:19:25 PM

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