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February 29, 2024

OSS Guide to Disrupting Meetings (1944)


From Authentic Communications:

The guide was written by the OSS, predecessor to the Central Intelligence Agency which was founded in 1947.

It was created during the Second World War, to instruct and guide sympathetic Axis citizens to stir up sh*t (technical phrase).

The general idea was to create chaos at the coal face; empower potential allies and equip disgruntled citizens with the tools to disturb and disrupt businesses and organizations, with an apparent aim to cause rumbling difficulties in the economy.

Some instructions are out of date, as you'd expect, while others sound oddly familiar. The section entitled "General Interference with Organizations and Productions" (top) is bang on.

The guide was declassified by the CIA in 2008.

More here.

[via Clive Thompson]

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If creating chaos was the goal, it seems like egg-farting the place up and vomiting on the table were left off.

Posted by: Flautist | Mar 1, 2024 12:18:55 PM

This sounds like what took place at all the meetings at my former job. Never knew whether to laugh or cry : ). Perhaps we had a saboteur in our midst.

Posted by: tamra | Feb 29, 2024 2:46:45 PM

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