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February 24, 2024

Dryer Door Shoe Dryer



From websites:

When your shoes get wet you most likely want to immediately throw them into the dryer, but that'll most likely destroy your dryer — and shoes — over time.

Your next best bet would be to use a blow dryer, but you'll probably start them on fire after a few seconds.

This unique dryer door shoe net lets you put your shoes into the dryer to quickly dry them without having them rumbling and tumbling around in your dryer, while doing damage and making huge amounts of noise.

The dryer door shoe net easily easily slips over your dryer door, so you can put in shoes or other fragile items that you'd like dried without damaging any other items in the dryer or even the machine itself.

Even though your shoes won't be tumbling around in the dryer, the heat that comes from the inside will quickly dry your shoes.

This unique dryer door shoe net (15.5" x 15.5"), made from polyester mesh, attaches to most standard front-loading dryer doors, and has a durable zipper closure to ensure your shoes won't fall off and start tumbling around.

The shoe net has straps on each corner with Velcro strips that allow you to easily attach and remove it.

$10.45 (shoes included with orders from... wait a sec...).

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A good shoe/glove dryer is a joy forever. If you have to deal with ski boots (or hockey skates,farm boots etc.) you already know about this. This can deal with running shoe stank too.

Peet and DryGuy are the preeminent brands in the US. Lots of letter-salad-brand imitations out there but caveat emptor.

Posted by: Scott | Feb 27, 2024 7:29:33 PM

My dryer came with a shelf than can be mounted in the center of the drum.
I had not thought of a use for it, so I stashed amongst all the other junk in the basement.
But this, drying shoes, makes me think.

Posted by: Luke | Feb 25, 2024 10:44:49 AM

Or just tie the laces together, hang the laces out the door and hold with a pencil

Posted by: Dave | Feb 24, 2024 11:15:49 AM

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