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April 3, 2024

Paternoster Lift

YouTube description:

There aren't many paternoster lifts left in the world: they're inaccessible, tough to maintain, and a bit more dangerous than a regular lift.


But some do exist: if you're ever nearby, do stop by the University of Sheffield's Arts Tower and have a ride up and down.


Just don't go over the top.

[via Spencer Wright]

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What to read when you're depressed


Over the years I've had several long episodes of major depression which rendered me pretty much unable to do anything requiring concentration and attention.

Through trial and error I found a few things to read that I was able to follow and focus on enough to distract me from the boredom and the feeling that time had stopped.

They were:

"The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt

Patrick O'Brian's "Master and Commander" and his subsequent twenty-novel maritime series set during the Napoleonic Wars featuring British naval captain Jack Aubrey and his ship's surgeon, Stephen Maturin


What with the length of these works ("The Goldfinch" is 771 pages and each of O'Brian's novels is 300-400 pages long) and my markedly slower reading speed while I was depressed, these works filled many otherwise miserable days and weeks with something other than emptiness.

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Measuring Tape Toilet Roll


From websites: "No matter what you decide to measure you'll be relieved at the thought that everything within reach of the toilet can now be catalogued accurately. How many sheets does it take to get to the door? How long is your hand? How long is the plunger?"


"For those of us who take pride in our loo activities, or are simply looking for something else to do while on the spot, then the Measuring Tape Toilet Roll is certainly an essential."


What's that old saying... "Marry in haste, measure at leisure?"

What — that's not it?

Go away.


Flautist: your wish is my demand.



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