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April 11, 2024

Vague Clock — 'Time is squishy'


South Korean designer Sejoon Kim has designed a clock where users have to feel the flexible face to reveal the time.


The hands of the analog clock are hidden behind a layer of stretchy fabric and remain invisible as the time ticks away.


To read the time you have to get up and press your hand into the fabric so that it stretches over the hands, making them palpable and visible.


The clock is equipped with GPS hardware so that the time is always accurate, without adjustment buttons or dials.

Screenshot 2024-03-24 at 5.20.09 PM

"Too much information can put pressure on people," said Sejoon Kim. "Vague Clock obscures one's reading of the minute and hour hands to relieve the feeling of having to chase time."

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'The Card Players' — Vera Rockline

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 8.11.36 AM

This 1919 oil on canvas, painted when the artist was twenty-three years old, is in a private collection.

When I first saw it I figured it was by one of the masters of cubism: Picasso, Braque, Gris et al.

When I saw the artist's name I was surprised: never heard of her.

As I've written numerous times, for every artist whose name you know there are a thousand equally talented who will remain unheard of and whose works will be lost to posterity.

Though Rockline's existence was news to me when I happened on the painting up top, it turns out she was quite successful and famous during her lifetime, becoming mostly forgotten in the latter half of the twentieth century before new interest in her work surfaced in 2000, continuing up to the present day.

Born in 1896 in Moscow, Rockline committed suicide in Paris in 1934 at age thirty-eight at a time when she was at the peak of her fame and success.

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Bed Sheet Tucker




What took so long?


Features and Details:

• White ABS plastic

• 13.7"L x 5"W


So you know it must be good.



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