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April 19, 2024

Turtle Island Quartet plays 'All Along The Watchtower'

"Let us not talk falsely now."

[via Allan Kozinn and the New York Times]

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Polar Bear Bench — Judy Kensley McKie


Carved from Carrara marble


and numbered 4/6,


this 1997 bench is 72.6 inches long x 20.5 inches wide x 20 inches high.


It realized $226,800 at a 2022 Sotheby's auction.

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Splinter Tweezers


Below, Anton Benson's Cool Tools review.

I received these lighted magnified tweezers as a stocking stuffer a few years back, and although I am fortunate enough to have great eyesight, these tweezers are absolutely amazing for inspecting and removing any splinters that might find their way under your skin.

They use a single LED light that is perfectly pointed at the tips of the tweezers and a large 4.5x magnifying lens that helps to see those skin-colored cactus spines or tiny pieces of glass. The tweezers themselves are extremely sharp and are made for getting in there, more so than any other purpose.

The only drawback is that the tweezer tip protector is easily misplaced and without it, the tweezer tips can pierce toiletry bags and get bent.

Overall, these are fantastic tweezers for finding your way around minuscule splinters or other small jobs in need of magnification and illumination.



Don't need the light?

You've come to the right place:



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