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May 11, 2024

Edie Sedgwick's Screen Test for Andy Warhol

Shot in 1965, six years before her death by drug overdose at 28 in 1971.

MOS, the way Warhol made it.

According to Ken Johnson's New York Times story, "Warhol shot them [his screen tests] on 16-millimeter film and showed them slightly slowed down so that they had a languid, meditative mood."

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Would a giraffe float — or sink?


Excerpts from Darren Naish's Scientific American article answering this question follow.

If you dropped a giraffe into a deep pool of water, would it float, or would it sink? If it could float, would it swim briskly and confidently to the nearest bit of land, or would it flail around helplessly and drown?

It has been asserted that giraffes "sink like stones" and "cannot swim, even in an emergency," and that "rivers are an impassable barrier to them." Although a few rare photographs and segments of film show that giraffes will wade into deep rivers when they have to, definite observations of them swimming have yet to be reported.

Inspired by sheer curiosity, I approached Donald Henderson of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta, who had created a three-dimensional computational model of a giraffe for another project and had also tested the buoyancy of assorted living and extinct animals by using flotation-simulating software. Could Henderson, I wondered, test the buoyancy of his "digital giraffe" in the same way? If he could, we might be able settle this question once and for all.

To compare the model's aquatic behavior with that of other animals, we performed calculations to determine an immersed giraffe's centers of mass and buoyancy, the resistance it encountered when moving its limbs, and the friction it encountered across its whole surface. We had to take account of the giraffe's unusually shaped lungs, the size of which has been the subject of disagreement among experts. Having tweaked the model to make it as plausible as possible, we were ready to see whether the giraffe could float and swim. Our analysis and conclusion appear below:


  • The heavy forelimbs and shoulder region would pull the front half of the animal downward, thereby forcing the neck into a near-horizontal posture.
  • The giraffe's relatively high density, particularly in its limb bones, would make it sit very low in the water, and it would suffer from high drag.
  • The animal would have to hold its head upward at an uncomfortable angle, and it would be unable to move its neck up and down in concert with its limb movements.


Giraffes can float, but they would be clumsy and unstable in the water.

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Giant Playing Cards — 'Go big or go home!'

Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 10.20.34 AM

From the website:

Ever thought Go Fish needed a bit more... oomph?

Or that War could use a pinch more warfare?

Introducing our Comically Oversized Playing Cards.

Guaranteed to make every poker night, well, notably bigger.

Perfect for those who believe bigger is always better or anyone looking to throw a twist in play on game night.

Giant in size but still fit for kid's hands and adults with a giant sense of humor.

Each card is a whopping 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide, giving "playing your hand" a whole new meaning.

Grab a set and let the mega games begin!

Remember, it's all fun and games until someone has to shuffle these bad boys. 

Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 10.20.30 AM


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