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May 13, 2024

Experts' Experts: 9 Tips on Candle Management

Candle Tips copy

For as long as I can remember I've loved exotic candles from Diptyque and Byredo.

Only yesterday, reading about how to get the most out of a candle on the Trudon website, did I learn I didn't know the half of it.

Up top, nine tips from Trudon — founded in 1643 — on how to best manage a scented candle.

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'Life During Wartime' — Talking Heads

This song was the first single release from their 1979 album "Fear of Music."

You want it live?

Your wish

is my demand.

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Anti-Scald Pot Handle Cap


Commented longtime reader antares last Wednesday on a post earlier that day featured a hack using wine corks to pick up a hot pot lid, "Joe, remember those triangle Japanese pot holders you posted some years ago? They work well for picking up hot metal pot lids."

Clearly his memory is better than mine: the next day I replied, "I don't remember but I will have my Crack Research Team©®™ look into this.


Well, it turns out his CRT©®™ is more capable than mine — which, to be fair, isn't hard (but I digress) — 'cause the next day he sent me a link to an Amazon page selling them (below).


Look at the pictures posted above and below and Bob's your uncle.


$9.49; set of 3: $13.49.

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