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May 18, 2024

World's First Scratch-and-Sniff Baguette Stamp

Screenshot 2024-05-18 at 11.54.45 AM

[The celebratory baguette-themed French postage stamp.]


Where else but France could such a stamp originate?

From the Guardian:

'Bakery Scent' Added Via Microcapsules To Postage Stamp Celebrating 'Jewel of French Culture'

The French Post Office has released a scratch-and-sniff postage stamp to celebrate the baguette, once described by President Emmanuel Macron as "250 grams of magic and perfection".

The stamp, which costs €1.96, depicts a baguette decorated with a red, white and blue ribbon. It has a print run of 594,000 copies.

According to the Parisian shop Le Carre d'encre, which sells it, the stamp has a "bakery scent". The ink used on the stamps contains microcapsules which provide the fragrance.

It was released for sale on Friday, after a launch on Thursday, the day of Saint-Honoré, the patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs.

"The baguette, the bread of our daily lives, the symbol of our gastronomy, the jewel of our culture", La Poste says on its website.

"This scent is encapsulated. We buy it from another manufacturer," Damien Lavaud, printer at Philaposte, told France Bleu.

"And the difficulty for us is to apply this ink without breaking the capsules, so that the smell can then be released by the customer rubbing on the stamp."

The French baguette was given Unesco heritage status in 2022.

According to the New York Times, "The stamp is intended to be used for international letters of up to 20 grams, or about 0.7 ounces. Thanks to its innovative scratch-and-sniff technology, it will also transport 'bakery fragrances' to those lucky enough to receive a letter from France.

Get yours at post offices and kiosks throughout France.

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Exactly how big is Africa?


From Krulwich Wonders: "Africa is so big, you can pack in all of the U.S., all of China, the enormity of India and every bit of Europe and still have room for Japan at the lower right."

Map by designer Kai Krause and Information is Beautiful.

[via Richard Kashdan]

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Maze Pen


From websites:

Make your kids excited to do their homework.

School supplies don't need to be boring.

Tiny metal balls moves around the maze.

See how quickly they can get the balls from one end to the other.


Features and Details:

• Set of 8 different color pens

• Excellent fidget toy

• Blue ink



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