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May 20, 2024

Anger Management

Anger Management

Published last month, a paper by Japanese researchers titled "Anger is Eliminated With The Disposal of a Paper Written Because of Provocation" has become an internet sensation.

The abstract follows.

Anger suppression is important in our daily life, as its failure can sometimes lead to the breaking down of relationships in families. Thus, effective strategies to suppress or neutralise anger have been examined. This study shows that physical disposal of a piece of paper containing one's written thoughts on the cause of a provocative event neutralises anger, while holding the paper did not. In this study, participants wrote brief opinions about social problems and received a handwritten, insulting comment consisting of low evaluations about their composition from a confederate. Then, the participants wrote the cause and their thoughts about the provocative event. Half of the participants (disposal group) disposed of the paper in the trash can (Experiment 1) or in the shredder (Experiment 2), while the other half (retention group) kept it in a file on the desk. All the participants showed an increased subjective rating of anger after receiving the insulting feedback. However, the subjective anger for the disposal group decreased as low as the baseline period, while that of the retention group was still higher than that in the baseline period in both experiments. We propose this method as a powerful and simple way to eliminate anger.

Try it and let me know what you think.

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'Rock The Boat' — The Hues Corporation

I love everything about this video.

So very 1974, the year it was released.

More about the song here.

More about the group here.

Want to sing along?

Your wish is my demand.

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Credit Card-Size LED Light


Stand the light up to use it.


CR1220 battery included.


3.39" x 2.09".


$1.22 (+ $2.37 shipping = $3.59: still cheap). 

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