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June 6, 2024

Insects — Igor Siwanowicz
























More about the photographer, an accomplished biochemist and neurobiologist who has placed in Nikon's Small World Competition 18 times, here.

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Best ever 404 - not found

Philip K. Dick-approved (in absentia).

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Blast from the Past: — Bat Weight Episode 3: It multitasks*


Nearly 19 years ago — on October 13, 2005, to be precise — I featured a baseball bat weight as a tool with capabilities far beyond making a bat heavier before leaving the on-deck circle to take your cuts.

Then in 2010 I returned to this useful item with even more possibilities for deploying it.

Looks like Easton has discontinued the heavyweight (28 oz.) version I reviewed in favor of a 16 oz. iteration [above].

One pound of vinyl-covered cast iron will serve quite nicely in lieu of its heavier counterpart.

Since 2010 even more uses have become apparent, such that it seems to me the device is well worth a revisit after thirteen+ years.

Bat Weight Uses

1. Weapon

2. Doorstop

3. Paperweight

4. Paper clip/pushpin receptacle

5. Phone stand — with or without the charging cord which can be run underneath

6. Wall protector — place on floor behind door to keep doorknob from smashing into the wall

I must have at least ten in use for various purposes.


Other possible applications?

Send 'em in.

*If you define multitasking as the ability to do more than one thing at once, then no —  the bat weight is pretty much a johnny-one-note-at-a-time (though to be nitpicky, you could use it as a paperweight while having it steady your cellphone). But if you consider the capability to do a number of things sequentially, in serial rather than parallel, sufficient to render something multitask-capable, well, then, this puppy fits your definition to a T.

Which camp am I in?

Frankly, the whole subject is starting to bore me so I'm moving on.

Next slide, please.

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