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June 13, 2024

Helpful Hints from joeeze: A Better Way To Dry Sweaty/Wet Gloves

Being dumb, I waited until we had a run of weather in the 90s with bright sunshine and 100% humidity to clean up the debris that's piled up in my yard and outside my house over the past couple years.

I looked out the window one morning and thought, "This place looks like a dump."

To put off having to deal with the unpleasantness of sweat running into my eyes and a lot of effort, I decided to first clean up inside the house, which was equally messy.

Vanta, my cat, has no problem with clutter — doh! — but when you find yourself sneezing from all the dust bunnies and shmutz on the floor every time you get down on your hands and knees to find something, you finally have to say "Enough!"

But I digress.

Long story short: watch the video up top, in which I demonstrate my longtime default supine/prone position sweaty work glove placement over a floor vent and the revolutionary breakthrough that vertically rotates them 90° onto their open ends and dries the outsides far faster, since both sides are now exposed to moving air from the vent.

As always, my guiding principle: how can I accomplish the most with the least effort?

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i take my ancient 1500 watt Revlon hair dryer with long barrel, put it on high blow with lowest heat (or no heat) and aim it down into a glove till dry. Usually takes about 10 minutes, max.

If my cat, Laurie (boi cat; short for Laurence) is helping, maybe 5 minutes. Here, you can see how comfortable he is around tools and such:


Posted by: Flautist | Jun 13, 2024 6:50:58 PM

Not cool at all for me. I do not have floor vents.

Posted by: antares | Jun 13, 2024 6:08:19 PM

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